What Does 99% Service Uptime Guarantee Mean?

When you are perusing a top hosting company’s website, you might come across the term ‘99% service uptime guarantee’? What does it really mean and what does it entail for you, the website owner?

What is Service Uptime?

A web host’s service uptime guarantee is basically their statement in reassuring you that they are committed to providing you with consistent and reliable hosting services.

Typically, hosting providers would state 99% service uptime guarantees as a means of enticing new customers to sign up. But, what does it really mean?

Well, let’s assume that your hosting provider promises to give your website a 99% uptime guarantee. If we are to calculate that using 30 days as a measure (or a month), then that would mean that your website could potentially become inaccessible up to 3.6 hours every month.

If, in the event, that they are unable to hold on to their promise (assuming that you get website downtimes at least 3.7 hours and above every month), they will give you a compensation package for the trouble/s that may have been caused by their service downtime.

This is especially useful for online entrepreneurs because any moment that their websites become inaccessible could potentially lead to a huge loss in profits, among other unfavorable things.

Always Read the Fine Print

Although on the surface, it might seem that it is a pretty good deal, do not believe it upfront. It is best that you look at the fine print first before you decide whether to sign up for this particular company or not.

You see, a lot of people get enticed by service uptime guarantees but what they do not know is that for you to receive compensation, you must meet certain parameters.

In some cases, if the company happens to promise 99.99% service uptime and, for some reason, your website wasn’t down up to 3.6 hours last month, then you will not get compensated for that simply because you were not able to reach a certain threshold.

There are also some instances where companies would only give you a certain percentage of money as compensation. Let’s say that, as a business owner, you are paying your provider $10,000/month for dedicated hosting. If your site is down for more than what they’ve promised, their compensation might only be $10,000 or less (that is why reading the terms and conditions really helps). This is definitely not as enticing now, is it?

Use Server Monitoring Tools

Back in the day, it is virtually impossible for users to truly verify the information that web hosting companies say on their websites. Sure, 99% service uptime might look enticing, but are they really able to reach that level of service?

Well, now you can verify what they say by using server monitoring tools. The idea behind such tools is that they will constantly ping your website to know if it is online or not. They will then notify you in the event that your website is down, along with tracking some statistics to help you keep track of website downtimes.