5 Reasons Why Your Website’s Landing Page is So Important

What do you usually find on a website? Well, you typically find the main body of content, some links here and there, and the website’s overall theme. Well, those things are correct, but let me ask you something: What is the first page that you visit whenever you click on a link using Google’s powerful search engine? Well, that page is commonly known as the landing page. The landing page is quite important but surprisingly, it is often overlooked by bloggers and business website owners. That is probably because the landing page is not as exciting as the design of the website itself. Sure, you know how important a top hosting company is for your website, but I am willing to bet that you do not know why a landing page is equally important as well. In today’s article, I aim to educate you by citing some reasons why your website’s landing page is actually very, very important.

It Helps You Generate Leads

According to a lot of studies, a website owner that makes a landing page that converts will actually improve their website’s traffic and conversion rates. This is actually true and although you might think that the homepage is more important, that is usually not the case. A good landing page is critical because you can make it so good that it will almost always generate leads that will lead to a higher conversion rate.

It Helps You Track Data

All of the information that is printed on your landing page is trackable. In other words, every data that is found on the said page can be tracked by your monitoring tools and analytics. For instance, if people were to sign-up to your email list or actually buy something from you, that data will be reflected and be shown by your monitoring tool of choice, thus allowing you to see your success and if there are any improvements in your conversion rates at all. If you find that your performance is lackluster, look at the analytics so that you can properly optimize your marketing efforts afterward.

It Offers Clarity and Purpose

Your landing page has a specific purpose. It is usually only just one page that is filled with the right information that compels your users to act. For instance, if you are selling an ebook, you can highlight all of its features on your landing page so that your users will know exactly what they are getting. Of course, you also want to make your call-to-action button prominently placed on the page as well.

It Removes Distractions

At the very core, your website has two main functions: to generate traffic and to convert. Your homepage might be rife with a lot of navigational links, content, and so many other things that prove to be a distraction for most of your users. A landing page is more refined and it is focused solely on one thing: to convert. This page usually is devoid of anything unimportant and superfluous which is why it is quite important in pretty much every website.

It Allows You to Test and Optimize

Just like the other things on your website, your landing page can also be tracked as well. Therefore, you can effectively test and optimize it as you wish so that it will give you better results in the long run.