Podcasts are pretty good pieces of audio that allows you to learn many different topics- from video games to cooking to whatever topic that you can think of.

Podcasts are actually nothing new. They’ve been around since the early 2000s but have only since re-emerged thanks to the smartphone revolution.

With that being said, you might want to create your own podcast. There’s nothing wrong with it, mind you, but the problem is that because it is so easy to create them now, you will face stiff competition. Add to that the fact that some of them might even be better than you.

However, I said that not to discourage you or anything like that. I just told you that there is a lot of people that might compete against you in your niche. But, the thing is, you can actually increase your podcast’s visibility through the use of SEO marketing.

If you want to know how then please read on.

  • Start by Enlisting Your Podcast on Podcast Directories

How to Increase Podcast Visibility by Using SEO?
How to Increase Podcast Visibility by Using SEO?

You can use Google Search to find podcasts, but the most popular platform would be to use a dedicated program for that. iTunes is probably the best when it comes to hunting podcasts because of its vast repository.

However, there are also other podcast directories out there that are suitable to use such as Player.fm, Stitcher, among many others.

There are two ways you can rank on such platforms and that is either the List Rankings or Search Rankings. The former is where your podcast will be shown on the “New and Noteworthy” section of iTunes or the “Top” lists in other similar platforms.

The latter is where your podcast will be seen when a person uses the search tool to find new and interesting podcasts.

In this article, we will focus on how you can rank using the latter method. In the next section, I will go over some tips that you can use to start ranking high immediately.

  • Understand the Possible Ranking Factors

I said “possible” because, at the time of writing this article, we can only assume some of the ranking criteria that platforms like iTunes and Player.fm use. That being said, here are the things that you need to look at for your SEO marketing:

  • Name of the Podcast- You would want to use a suitable podcast name along with some of your researched keywords. For instance, if your podcast is about Italian Recipes, you can use something like “[Your Recipe Here]- An Italian Recipe Podcast”.
  • Name of Episode- For the episode name, you want to use keywords that people would use to search for a particular podcast. It has to be descriptive to entice enthusiastic listeners to click on it.
  • Tags and Categories- This will entirely depend on the platform you’re listed on, but you must choose the appropriate one that best suits your type of podcast.
  • Number of Subscribers- The more people who subscribe to your podcasts, the higher your ranking will be. So, make your content as appealing and informative as possible.
  • Total Downloads and No. of Times Played- This will indicate how many people are listening to your podcasts and it is an indication of how popular it will be on the podcast directories.
  • Ratings or Reviews- This is another important metric that you need to think about. You have to create compelling, entertaining, and informative podcasts so that your ratings will go up. Once you get high enough ratings, you will be shot to the top.